Stacy L. Pearsall and America’s VetDogs Charlie photo by Des’ola Mecozzi

Bob's Buddy Bud Everything Stacy

Season 1, Episode 19 Andy and I share some news about Bob and Floyd and a few upcoming changes to LowCountry Acres. After our farm update, we talk about the many types of camera lenses out there and the nuance of lens selection. We dive into the what lenses are great all-rounders and which lenses are best for specific jobs. This should help anyone who's struggling to find the right lens for their kit or the right gift for the photographer in their lives this holiday season. Support the show (https://www.everythingstacy.com)
  1. Bob's Buddy Bud
  2. It's Called Layering
  3. Your Mom's Goulash
  4. Thank You for Your Service
  5. Air Force One

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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