Stacy L. Pearsall and America’s VetDogs Charlie photo by Des’ola Mecozzi

Who Needs Another Horse Everything Stacy

Season 2, Episode 7 Andy chats about my mechanical ineptitude when it comes to the care of my beloved John Deere tractor. I disagree. I keep my tractor's nipples greased and the oil changed, 'nuff said.  Andy and I introduce Carson, our newest adoptee of LowCountry Acres, and discuss our every-growing herd of donkeys and horses. Andy opens up about his Mustang addiction too. Big news on the photography front. Spider Holster is the official sponsor of the EVERYTHING Photo Challenge! They're providing a SpiderPro Hand Strap V2  to our Challenge winner, so be sure to visit EVERYTHINGStacy.com to get your photos submitted. You've got to play to win!!! Produced by Stacy L. PearsallSound Edited by Steve ThurowPhoto Challenge brought to you by Spider HolsterSupport the show (https://www.everythingstacy.com)
  1. Who Needs Another Horse
  2. Poop Slinger
  3. She Murdered My Pot Pie
  4. I Like Old Things
  5. Chik Fil A Gate

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Welcome to EVERYTHING with Stacy Pearsall, a podcast that’s about… well…. everything. Consider this my personal tell-all oral journal through which I share past and present stories and pontificate about life. I’m joined by my husband, Andy Dunaway, who only adds to the mayhem. Prepare yourself. This podcast is as random as my train-of-thought. Join the crazy train, it’s sure to be an adventure – just be sure to keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times!

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Join the EVERYTHING Stacy Photo Challenge and have a chance to win a SpiderPro Handstrap V2! The theme of the March Photo Challenge is “What Floats Your Boat.” Show us a picture of something you love. For example, I posted a photo of a donkey and Andy posted a picture of a four wheeler. Sorry for all our listeners abroad, but Spider Holster can only ship within the USA. We still want to see your pictures, so please join the Challenge!

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