Stacy L. Pearsall and America’s VetDogs Charlie photo by Des’ola Mecozzi

In His Horse Shoes Everything Stacy

Season 3, Episode 2: I have a chat with my good friend Steve Thurow to chat about life at LowCountry Acres, Earl updates and Charlie's looming surgery. http://www.LowCountryAcres.comGoFundMeProduced by Stacy L. PearsallSound Edited by Steve ThurowSupport the show
  1. In His Horse Shoes
  2. Incredible Mr. Earl
  3. I Love When I Miss You
  4. Vertigo
  5. Slurping and Swishing

EVERYTHING with Stacy Pearsall

Welcome to EVERYTHING with Stacy Pearsall, a podcast that’s about… well…. everything. Consider this my personal tell-all oral journal through which I share past and present stories and pontificate about life. I’m joined by my husband, Andy Dunaway, who only adds to the mayhem. Prepare yourself. This podcast is as random as my train-of-thought. Join the crazy train, it’s sure to be an adventure – just be sure to keep your hands and arms inside the ride at all times!

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Hosted by Veteran Stacy Pearsall and co-produced with SCETV, AFTER ACTION will highlight the stories of 21 veterans as they share their experiences of training, deployment and, most of all, life “after action.”  Focusing on shared values such as diversity, strength, commitment, generosity and resilience, AFTER ACTION will seek to demystify the military experience, provide a platform for dialogue among military family members and preserve military stories, many of which have, to date, been left untold.

EVERYTHING Stacy Photo Challenge

December will be our last Photo Challenge. The theme is “Winter,” so share your frosty photos and whimsical winterscapes! Show us what you’re thankful for.

The winner of the October “Feels Like Fall” Photo Challenge sponsored by Spider Camera Holster is Tim Doyle! Congratulations Tim, you win one of my favorite Spider products, the SpiderPro Handstrap V2!

Hanging Leaf Photo by Tim Doyle


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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“CONGRATULATIONS on a fabulous Podcast!” – Allison S.

“Love hearing Andy and you. You’re an amazing couple. Andy cracks me up.” – Mike R.

“G’day & Greetings from Australia . Thank you for sharing your adventures with me. Your podcast is entertaining, educational and fun.” Phil

“I absolutely LOVE your podcast- both with Andy and without! As a (former- for now! Rode for 15 years and once a horse girl, always a horse girl…. woman. whatever!) horse person who has a disability, a service dog in training, and social worker who is from and lives in Charleston, SC, I love everything (haha! unintentional joke) that you’ve discussed on your podcast. Between COVID, politics/the election and everything that comes with that, and the colder, darker months finally here, things have been tough and your podcast is something that I look forward to every week! As a VERY amateur photographer, I appreciate it all! thank you for all you do!” – Ryan B.

“I’m still laughing. You two are so random but still so entertaining. This podcast was meant for you two. She fuels your body Andy and you fuel her vehicles! Sounds like a fair trade-off to me. There is no one particular subject that I want to hear about. EVERYTHING and randomly anything that comes to mind is ok by me.” – Debbie K.

“I LOVED you and your husband! It seemed like you were very at ease and your personality came out. I like the casual conversation feel. I also liked the details of your time in the USAF and your experiences. I like it all!!” Michelle N.

“Love both of your sense of humor and authenticity.” – JoAnn

“I have no military background but started following you on instagram and discovered your blog today. Thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to more. RN with 40 years med/surg background and last 10 years in neurosurgery so really interested in your medical issues.” – Katie E.

“Fascinated to learn more about your photography and photo-journalism, the successes, the failures, etc. How you handled physical training, fun family moments, and what makes that high speed brain work!” – Don G.

“Looking forward to hearing more.” – Tim D.